Wild Wreath Making Workshops  (In-person and on-line)

Each year in December Jenny runs Wild Wreath making workshops. This year she was delighted to run them @ Grinneabhatt on the Isle of Lewis and given the lovely colours of the Hebridean Landscape there were wreaths produced in some lovely colours, other than green.

We start with a slide show exploring the creative possibilities of wild wreath making and looking at examples from previous course participants. All materials provided for the in person course, including a beautiful selection of foraged local greens and berries, in some unusual shapes and colours. Selection of ribbons, baubles, beads and feathers provided to personalise. You will get materials posted out for the on-line course and guidance on what greens to forage for.

Open to all. No previous experience required.

A great present for yourself and others and wonderful festive activity to do with friends and family.

Numbers limited to allow for individual attention and social distancing.

Gift Vouchers Available

Drawing for People who think they can’t Draw

A Drawing course, taught over two days, in which we will cover all the basics of representational drawing : Line, Negative and Positive Space, Perspective, Proportion, Light and Shade. This will be a process based drawing course in which we will explore each of these elements individually, through a series of fun, sometimes experimental exercises that will enable you to silence your inner critic and let your inherent creativity shine forth. We will then put all the individual parts together into a finished drawing, at the end of the second day

Drawing is about looking and seeing clearly. When you learn to see what is really in front of you (and not what you think is there) you can draw it, with ease. Anyone can draw if they are willing to spend time learning to see clearly and learning how to put what they see down onto paper.

‘I did Jenny’s Drawing for people who think they can’t Draw course several years ago. Before that, I regarded myself as hopeless at art. By the end of the course I was amazed at being able to draw things in a life-like way, including faces. This ignited an ongoing interest in drawing and art, and I have gone on to take further courses and draw on a daily basis’.                                                                                              

Neil  2021  (previous course participant)

As nature wakes up with new leaves and sprouts, let’s explore what’s stirring within us. Spring is a playful, one day on-line workshop with Sarena Wolfaard and Jenny Smith, combining movement, colourful paper cut-outs, body painting, reflection and sharing.

What previous course participants said about our one day on-line workshop last year:

“I don’t think any description could do this justice, it’s something you need to experience. The whole day was amazing, linking dance creation to paper art to skin. It really worked through zoom. Many of my friends love to dance and or are artists, but you don’t need to be either Just open to “being with what’s there” There is something deep about dancing with your body painted, tribal. All of us could benefit from this experience”. – Gilly

It worked surprisingly well from home, It was amazing to have this connection with others. As always, this combination of dance and creativity has helped rekindle and remind me how much it helps me to let go of stuff held in the body and mind. Thank you both again, and I look forward to another one! ”  – Eileen

Date: Sat 13 March 2021

Time:10 – 6pm GMT (2 hr lunch break and comfort breaks)

Cost: £65 (waged)/ £55 (low waged)/£45 (unwaged).

Please add Discount Code SP10 for a £55 place and SP20 for a £45 place.
Cost includes materials posted out
12 places available.

For full information, and to book, please go to my drawnto.org.uk page.

Drawn to Dance – Paint, Passion, and Pattern

We are looking forward to sharing this year’s new Drawn to Dance workshop with you: Paint, Passion, and Pattern. We envisage our 4th collaboration will be a playfully embodied, celebratory end to a challenging and unprecedented year. We will be introducing some new things and look forward to welcoming back those who have participated previously, as well as those who haven’t worked with us both yet.

In light of the current circumstances we are making this edition of Drawn to Dance: Paint, Passion, and Pattern online. Materials will be posted to your home in advance of the class. For full details on the class itself and how to book, visit the drawnto website.

Sat 21st November 2020, 10 – 6pm (2 hr lunch break and comfort breaks)

Cost: £65
2 concessionary places are available. Please let us know your circumstances.

All bookings will be online via the drawnto website

Drawn to Dance – Landmarks during Art Walk Porty 2019 

Drawn to dance is one of a family of “drawn to” workshops that artist Jenny Smith teaches, inspired by the things she is drawn to, other than her art practice. For further details of other workshops she runs in Edinburgh click here.

In Drawn to Dance Jenny collaborates with conscious dance teacher Sarena Wolfaard. Starting with a walk on Portobello beach, to collect natural landmarks, we will explore ways to use these as a starting point to create individual and collective dance-drawings, working in Bellfield Community Centre with dance, charcoal and chalks. We will explore ways the inner and outer landscape of the body meets the landscape of the natural world and how marks “land” when we draw in an embodied way.

We will be running this workshop as part of Art Walk Porty www.artwalkporty.co.uk which runs from 7-15 Sept in Portobello. It will run form 10am – 2pm on Sat 7 Sept 2019. Cost £35. All materials provided. No experience of movement or drawing required, but if you do have any experience of either, all well and good.