I am delighted to have one of my new cyanotypes Tuiteam (Falling) selected for VAS Centenary Annual Exhibition “Now and Then” at the RSA, which is on util 13 March 2024.

This is a mixed media cyanotype and those of you who know my early paintings will see some echo’s in this work, with its calligraphic mark making and the inclusion of illegible text and embossed texture. Initially, in my first group of limited edition cyanotype drawings, I was working in a very pure and pared down way with the medium, remaining true to its origin as a form of botanical identification and my interest in really paring down and carefully composing my compositions. Whilst also applying the sun sensitive solution in an expressive and painterly way. You can see two works created this way in the 30 x 30 section of the VAS Exhibition.

As I am further developing my language in the medium of cyanotype, I find myself also experimenting with bringing in some other signature elements of my work, including texture and writing. This piece is the most abstract cyanotype I have completed to date. I wonder if you can guess what I used for the falling silhouette? It is something integral to the history of the land on the Isle of Lewis. In this piece it is intended to not be immediately obvious what I have used and also to reference my interest in dance, movement and expressive mark making.

I am also delighted that my Cyanotypes received a mention in Giles Sutherland’s review of the Exhibition (in The Times) which is on until 13 March 2024. A fantastic overview of contemporary Scottish Artist’s and Makers and really worth a visit, if you can.