Two prints left the studio today (Larch and Rowan) for Time Spent Amongst Trees, a curated Exhibition I was selected for at the Meffan Gallery in Forfar from 7 September to 2 November.  I love the poetic title of the exhibition, it really resonates with my artwork (and life!) at the moment. The title comes from a book by Katrina Mayer. It reminds me that we all need to spend more time amongst Trees. I find sitting by a tree and in woods really grounding and a great leveller to sitting on the computer and working on the laser in my studio, engraving my new Botanical works as I work towards two exhibitions at The House of An Art Lover in Glasgow next month, which will also be about our connection to nature. Trees stand alone, but connect to each other energetically through their root system and branches. Next time you are in the woods or Park, stand close to a tree and feel the energy.

Time Spent Amongst Trees was organised by the Society of Scottish Artists and curated by Kirsty Lorenz and Sharon Quiggley. The Meffan Gallery is a great space, in Forfar, Angus. I had a retrospective exhibition there in 2018. Recommend a visit if you can.