I have just submitted this ink drawing to an Open Exhibition in Edinburgh. I drew it on situ at the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis last summer and it has been sitting in my studio for a while, as I find my feet with drawing and painting again after 15 years of working with print ( and mainly laser cutting and engraving in recent years). Callanish is my favourite place in Lewis and has incredibly powerful energy. It is also the most photographed and drawn landmark on Lewis and so it’s a challenge to create something that doesn’t look like it has come straight off the Scottish Tourist Board’s website. I’m really happy with this drawing as it captures the energy and mystery of the stone circle, without falling into cliches. It also has my signature, simple calligraphic style and echoes the expressionism of my early paintings. It will be for sale in the Exhibition, if accepted and I am also planning to create a limited edition screen print inspired by this image. More details to follow.