What is the best you have been given? At SSA Annual Exhibition Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2013

What is the best advice you have been given ?

A  site specific, social engaged drawing created for Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Also exhibited in Shadow Drawing, Solo Exhibition at Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

95 x 325 cm laser cut black somerset paper

There is a tradition in Zen of one to one question and answers. Jenny’s piece re – interprets this ancient tradition within a contemporary context. Over 100 people from all walks of life answered the above question in their own handwriting. They were asked for advice they had been given in person and not something they had read in a book, for advice that had stayed with them for some reason and they may possibly have passed on to others.

We live in digital age where sending texts and emails often replaces hand written letters and notes. Writing is a form of drawing and one that we all undertake spontaneously. Paul Klee described drawing as “ taking a line for a walk”, we do this very naturally and spontaneously when we write. This work celebrates the spontaneity and autographic mark making inherent in writing as drawing. The replies were collected in person, by email and through social media and the piece was then realised through the digital precision of laser cutting.

From a distance the piece has an ethereal, fragile and elusive quality, creating shadows as the light changes. On closer inspection the viewer is invited to search for, and attempt to decipher the variety of answers to the question whilst also being prompted to possibly ask themselves what their answer would be?

This piece can be re – commissioned in a different size, colour or material.

What is the best advice you have been given? the artist book, is a visual narrative of the realization of this idea. It also credits all participants and randomly records, in type, all answers to the question. Digitally printed with a laser cut cover and insert. Limited edition of 200, signed and numbered with ISBN

What is the best advice you have been given? Artist Book, Signed and numbered, limited edition 200
What is the best advice you have been given? Artist book, Signed and numbered, limited edition 200