What is Shadow? and What is Freedom?

What is Shadow ?

A site specific work commissioned by Cupar International Arts Festival and exhibited in the Burgh Chambers, Cupar

Jenny worked with day visitors at Age Concern in Cupar, leading a discursive workshop, during which participants hand wrote their personal answers to the title question.

The final piece was a laser cut cube that when lit, casts shadows in the space it is installed in.

The festival theme was Liminal and this work aims to capture those magical, ethereal moments when night turns to day.

The images below show the workshop at Age Concern. Image Credit: Gayle Nelson






















With thanks to Cupar Arts International Festival for commissioning this work and Boots the Chemist for displaying details of the project in their window for the duration of the Festival

What Is Freedom? (2015) Limited edition acrylic drawing 140 x 70 x 4 cm

What is Freedom? (2015) 140 x 71 x 4cm laser cut clear acrylic, limited edition drawing (edition of 10)

Selected for The Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy

Created from 22 handwritten answers to the title question. The question was asked on Facebookand via the artists’ email address book.

Over 50 answers were posted and all participants were asked to send their handwritten answers to the artist for inclusion in the final piece. The final work is made up of all the handwritten answers sent within the requested timescale and written in the format requested. The work has been laser cut in acrylic.

When lit the shadow becomes more prominent than the original artwork, which, like freedom, becomes increasingly illusive.

Please click on the image for enlargement and thanks to all participants, who will be listed shortly :)