I am delighted to be exhibiting my cyanotype “Canach” (Bog Cotton) in Edinburgh Printmakers current exhibition Journey.

This cyanotype print was created in situ here on the Isle of Lewis, using Bog Cotton from the Island and exposed in the Lewis sunshine.  I wanted to create the movement of Bog Cotton blowing in the wind. My work was once described by a gallerist as deceptively simple and I am reminded of this when I create these cyanotypes. They may appear very simple and almost accidental in composition, but in fact the composition is very carefully considered. They are a varied edition, with each one being hand made, so each one is slightly different.

I have just had some cards printed of these prints which are for sale in EP’s shop and also at my local Community Shop in Carloway, on the Isle of lewis.

I’m hung on the blue wall in the exhibition.