I have been busy in the studio this week creating two new limited edition prints for an exhibition curated by The Society of Scottish Artists, called Insectarium – Fascination and Fear.

I have created a print of a butterfly and a spider. In indigenous culture’s insects and animals are believed to have symbolic significance. Spiders are a symbol of creativity and Butterflies symbolize transformation. Seeing a particular insect at a certain time or place is believed to be a gift or omen that can have relevance and a message to the beholder.

These limited edition prints have a Victorian, sepia feel, yet are created using the technology of laser engraving. Continuing to explore the way I can sue the laser as a drawing medium, I am particularly enjoying the subtly that is possible with laser engraving. The way the laser beam excavates the surface of paper, echoing the softest of pencils and subtlest of tones. With these limited edition prints I am aiming for the delicacy and detail of a closely observed drawing, which I position carefully on the off-white page in a way that references the meditative quality of oriental art: aiming to draw your attention both to the detail of the insects and the fullness and presence of the (apparently) empty space.

The exhibition will be shown physically next May (postponed from this May, due to lockdown, and meanwhile, will be shown on-line this year. www.s-s-a.org